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Versatility meets innovation

In our Hybrid Caravan collection, combining the comforts of home with the thrill of outdoor exploration.

Talisman 15'

From A$285


Talisman Family 16'

From A$293


Navigator F1 Family 16'

From A$246


Why Choose SUV CARAVAN ?

Experience unparalleled comfort and innovative design with the SUV Caravan, setting a new standard in camping excellence.

Innovative Design

SUV Campers excel with features like inflatable Air Annex options, perfect for Australia's demanding conditions.


With Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning, SUV Campers prioritize comfort for a cozy camping experience.

Locally Made

Crafted in North Queensland, SUV Campers proudly champion Australian craftsmanship.


SUV Campers lead with durable trailers, setting the standard for reliability in the Australian landscape